Phone Number pt. 1

01/14/2015 02:25am

Characters: Ada Rory
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Panel 1:

Ada and Rory are sitting at the bar at the Lightning.

Rory: So here's the plan. Do what Chroma wants. Not too well, not too badly.

Panel 2:

Same as panel 1

Rory: When it's done, give them an excuse to get out of the next job. If it sticks, stick to it. Make yourself scarce.

Panel 3:

Close in shot of Rory.

Rory: With any luck, they'll forget about you and go on to another pawn. No offence.

Panel 4:

Rory is writing something down.

Ada: And if they don't?

Rory: Go see this guy.

Panel 5:

Ada is looking skeptically at Rory's note.

Ada: Who's this? A cop?

Rory (from offscreen): A historian. Friendly with villains like us.

Panel 6:

Close in shot of Rory and Ada.

Rory: He knows the history of heroes and villains in New Palisades. Maybe he'll know something about Chroma that could help you.