Phone Number pt. 2

01/28/2015 11:26pm

Characters: Ada Rory Sierra
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Panel 1:

Ada and Rory are hugging outside the lightning.

Rory: I'll be in touch soon. Good luck.

Panel 2:

Sierra is peeking out from the bar at Ada.

Sierra: Hey Ada! I got a guy's number!

Panel 3:

Ada and Sierra are talking outside the bar.

Sierra: You too! Who'd this guy? Will Brian be jealous?

Panel 4:

Close up on Ada.

Ada: Huh? No, Rory gave me this number. He's a historian.

Panel 5:

Close up of Sierra looking conspiratorial.

Sierra: Oooh, The Historian. Sounds sexy.

Panel 6:

Ada is looking askance at Sierra, who looks mildly offended.

Ada: No, he's actually - wait, sexy? Really? Historians?

Sierra: Don't you judge me.