Pool is a metaphor

01/19/2014 07:57pm

This is why Katie hasn't picked a new name yet.

Characters: Ada Greg Katie Rory
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Panel 1:

Splash panel of the neon sign for The Lightning Bar & Saloon

Panel 2:

Ada is walking into the bar, where Greg is bartending.

Ada: Hey Greg, anyone in tonight?

Greg: Ada, right? Rory is shooting some pool in the back. Word of advice, don't let her hustle you.

Panel 3:

Katie is concentrating really hard on a pool shot. Rory is leaning against the table.

Rory: Hey Ada, glad to see you aren't dead or in jail.

Ada (from offscreen): Rumors of my arrest have been greatly exaggerated.

Panel 4:

Ada and Rory are watching Katie try to line up her shot.

Ada: My first job went well, but I've got to admit, I don't really know where to go from here. What do you do between jobs?

Panel 5:

Katie has moved to the other side of the table, still trying to line up a shot.

Rory: Usually, I spend my time planning the next Job. I like to have a bunch of backup plans before I jump into anything.

Panel 6:

Katie has moved to a different position on the table again, still angling.

Katie: I never have the patience for that level of scheming. I just keep my gear with me and strike when the moment presents itself.

Panel 7:

A shot from the side of the table. Rory is mildly heckling Katie.

Rory: Is the moment for that shot ever going to present itself? You're 6 balls behind, Katie, just take a crack at it!