04/12/2016 06:16pm

Hey folks. It's been a kind of rough winter for a variety of reasons, but I think we're gonna get back in the swing of things. Thanks for sticking with us, and remember that you can always subscribe to the comic through rss or on Comic Rocket if you want things to be easier. Y'all are great! Thanks for the comments in the meantime :D

Characters: Ada
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Panel 1:

Ada has pulled a string of firecrackers out of a pouch.

Ada: No...

Panel 2:

Ada pulls a food bar out of a pouch.

Ada: Crap!

Panel 3:

Ada has a bunch of bouncy balls.

Ada: ARGH!

Panel 4:

Ada answers her phone.

Ada: Uh, hello?

Phone: You're on target for your mission tonight?

Panel 5:

Ada is still on the phone. She looks a little upset.

Ada:Yes? Are you going to be spying on me the whole time?

Panel 6:

Ada is still on the phone.

Phone: No, but we've secured a brute force back-up plan if you take too long. Let's hope you're successful.