02/28/2018 10:12am

Hi all! Anyone else going to Emerald City Comic Con this weekend? I won't be tabling, but I'll be wandering. If you manage to recognize me from my cryptic cartoon avatar, come say hi!

Characters: Ada Tags: chroma villiany
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Panel 1:

Ada is running through the hallways of the office. There are heavily locked doors with little portholes in them - very prison like

Ada (thought bubble): Remember the map. You can do this.

Panel 2:

Ada slides under a laser grid that her smoke bomb has visualized

Ada (thought bubble): How was I able to do that?

Panel 3:

Ada vaults over a trench in the floor. The office is becoming more evil lair like

Ada (thought bubble): Did he come from another dimension? Did I make him?

Panel 4:

Ada throws a fistful of bouncy balls down a hallway

Ada (thought bubble): Did he die when he went away?

Panel 5:

Ada runs through the hall way as auto targeting guns shoot the bouncy balls and not her

Ada (thought bubble): Would that make me a bad person?

Panel 6:

Ada sees her destination - a heavy looking door that miraculously has a scientist coming out of it. They look at her.

Scientist: Who are you? What are you doing here?

Panel 7:

Ada points at the scientist

Ada: I have my own questions! There's no room for yours!