Rue de Pamplemousse

06/15/2014 05:36pm

Characters: Ada Pete Rory
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Panel 1:

Rory, Ada and Pete are standing outside a door.

Ada: What was that thump? Could Ichor follow us?

Rory: I think he threw that superhero at us. But we should be safe.

Panel 2:

Ada is looking out at a cityscape with cobble streets.

Ada: Pete, where did you take us?

Pete (from off panel): Hell if I know.

Panel 3:

Ada, Rory and Pete are all looking out at the street.

Rory: The street signs start with "Rue." That's French, right?

Panel 4:

A partial shot of a street sign that says "Rue de Pamplemouse"

Pete (from offscreen): That gives me an idea then.

Rory (from offscreen): Shoot, Pete.

Pete (from offscreen): Find the door of a 747...

Panel 5:

Ada and Rory are looking at Pete in expectation.

Rory: Then you can teleport us back to New Palisades?

Panel 6:

Shot of Pete.

Pete: No, then you can buy a plane ticket, enter that door and fly home. I've got an Aunt in France, and I'm tired of long distance travel for one day.