Secrets of Fashion

12/15/2013 12:01am

Huzzah! My internet is back on after three days. Feels good, man.

Characters: Ada Harold Sierra
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Panel 1:

Ada and Sierra are sitting in the break room.

Sierra: I'm telling you I didn't leave the magazine for you.

Panel 2:

Ada looks alarmed by this revelation

Ada: That means that someone else knows that I'm-

Panel 3:

Ada pulls her best supervillain face


Panel 4:

Close up of Ada's shocked eyes and eyebrows

Ada (voice over): Do you think it's a threat?

Panel 5:

Sierra cocks her head

Sierra: With all the helpful stars and arrows they drew on it? Least threatening threat ever.

Panel 6:

Ada and Sierra hunker down at the table while a man stands at the vending machine.

AdaFair enough but the article makes a lot of good points. Maybe I should rethink my strategy as a....[sotto vocce] Super Villain

Panel 7:

The man at the vending machine looks over his shoulder

Panel 8:

Shot of Sierra

Sierra: You should get a new...pantsuit. With pockets this time. Ooh and a mask!

Panel 9:

The vending machine man walks out of the room as Ada and Sierra continue talking.

Ada: Looks like I'm adding Harold to the list of people who might know my secret.

Sierra: Nah. There's just one more part of women's fashion he thinks he doesn't understand