10/14/2014 03:39am

Sierra's back you guys!

Characters: Ada Katie Mike Rory Sierra
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Panel 1:

Ada is talking to her costumer/lawyer.

Costumer/Lawyer: If you can get evidence or a confession from her, we'll go to court.

Ada: Got it.

Panel 2:

Close in shot of the costumer/lawyer.

Costumer/Lawyer: But don't force it. Spend your time rebuilding and make a plan. Until then, we've got a rush job on a new outfit and I think you'll like the improvements.

Panel 3:

Rory, Mike and Katie are hanging out at a table.

Mike: Why'd you call us here on such short notice?

Panel 4:

Close up on Rory.

Rory: I didn't call the meeting, I just got a text message to meet here.

Panel 5:

Ada has entered the room and is dramatically backlit in the doorway.

Ada: I called you here. I need your help.

Panel 6:

A normally lit, considerably less dramatic shot of Ada and Sierra.

Ada: Oh, and this is my friend Sierra. I forgot we were going out for a drink tonight.

Sierra: Hiiii!