Solenoid. Solenoid. You're right, it does sound funny

11/10/2013 12:01am

And we're back to normal schedule! Huzzah!

Characters: Ada
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Panel 1:

Ada is digging through a tool cabinet full of doodads

Panel 2:

Ada looks frustrated as she can't find the thing she wants to in this cabinet

Panel 3:

Ada has found the thing! It's a sphere with a weird coil in it. Very sci-fi.

Panel 4:

A scientist has entered the lab and found Ada.

Panel 5:

The scientist is running, but paperwork obscures their vision

SFX: bip!

Panel 6:

More paperwork is accumulating in the air as Ada summons it from off screen

SFX:bip! bip!

Panel 6

Ada is gleefully making a break for it, holding the device

Panel 7:

A close up of the folder that Ada is holding. It reads "Security Level Black: Human Enhancement Retrieval and Storage"