Super Business Cards

09/08/2013 05:38am

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Characters: Ada Chroma The Roboticist
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Panel 1:

There are a few empty glasses in front of both Ada and The Roboticist (whose real name is Reggie). Ada is venting her frustrations, but she's still happy with the twist of how the night turned out.

Ada: And I guess I keep hoping that some opportunity for villainy will fall in my lap.

The Roboticist: It doesn't always work that way, even for heroes

Panel 2:

Insert between panels 1 and 3. Close up on a business card, professionally made. It has "The Roboticist" written on it, the first time we actually know what to call this character. His phone number and the phrase "Innovative solutions to complicated villainy" written on it. TR is a bit of a dork for having it, but it still impresses Ada.

The Roboticist 555-309-1678 Innovative solutions to complicated villainy

Panel 3:

Same as panel 1. You can see TR handing Ada his business card

The Roboticist: Here's my card. If you want to spar or practice your powers, or leave threatening voice mails, give me a call.

Panel 4:
TR is standing up, ready to go.

The Roboticist: It was nice to meet you...umm...

Ada: Dead Ringer, call me Dead Ringer

The Roboticist: Cool moniker. I'm sure you'll live up to it

Panel 5:

TR has left. Ada is standing up, holding onto the card and reading it, when someone from off panel reaches out to take the card with one hand and her elbow with another

Panel 6:

Ada has been pulled into a booth. Sitting across from her is someone dressed very similar to B and Y from the Villain's meet up, but with green accents on their suit, and looking a bit older than them. He is already handing back the card he took from Ada

G: You had ought to be careful who you are seen associating with. A ruined reputation would keep you from opportunities like these

Panel 7:

Insert between panels 6 and 8 with a close up of the same card, now somehow with different writing in the same font.

3854 n. Waterfront Ave 8:15 pm September 12th Arrive prepared for villainy

Panel 8:

Ada is staring at the card, visibly disturbed. G has vanished since handing it to her. Standing next to the booth is a waiter

Waiter: It's been an hour since you closed the tab. I'm going to have to ask that you order something or leave.