The Junk Drawer of Fate

06/17/2020 07:15pm

If you've got a drawer of miscellany like Ada does, maybe now's a good time to clean it out. Or maybe it's full of bills, and bills can't hurt you if you can't see them right?

Characters: Ada Tags: office
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Panel 1: Ada is back at her normal 9-5 job, sitting at her desk. Coworkers are milling around her having their own conversations Panel 2: Ada is looking down at her desk, which has her pay stub on it. There are two dollar signs on it ADA: HMMMM Panel 3: Same framing as panel 2, but the paystub is moved over to reveal a copy of the bill from the previous page, with 4 bright red dollar signs on it and a "second notice" stamp on it ADA: UGGGGGGH Panel 4: Ada leans back in her chair and closes her eyes ADA (THOUGHT BUBBLE): I was really hoping that villainy was a ticket out of the rat race... Panel 5: Ada is opening her desk drawer, which we are looking into. It's got chocolate and office supplies and the note that Rory gave her way back when with the historian's phone number on it Panel 6: Similar to panel 4, except that Ada is eating chocolate ADA (THOUGHT BUBBLE): If only I could find some leverage on Chroma