The Price of Powers

02/02/2018 10:20am

Characters: Ada Rory Tags: villiany
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Panel 1:

A big splashy panel, the reveal from the previous shot. The guard is sprinting out the door, we can only seem in a little bit in the panel. The doorway to the bathroom is filled by another guard - Ada copied him. This one is naked, for extra intimidation factor. One of the costumed people from earlier has their head in the shot, covering up any dangly parts. We can see Ada's head poked out behind the nude guard. 

The doorframe shows Ada leaning on it, no guard in sight, maybe some lingering effects of him disappearing.


Panel 3:

Ada comes out of the bathroom, a little knock-kneed. She has the phone in her hand and she's listening to it.

Ada: I don't feel that good.

Rory (through phone): There's no time for that, kiddo, you've got a job to do.