The Sasquatchelor

01/14/2016 07:06pm

They're in love. It'll last after the show. You'll see.

Characters: Katie Mike
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Panel 1:

Someone is watching a woman, presumably Split Second, through some binoculars. She is watching some sort of tv show where a bigfoot is standing under a wedding arch with someone dressed as a bride.

Katie: Learn anything useful?

Panel 2:

Katie is standing on a balcony behind mike, who is watching something (presumably Split Second) through binoculars.

Panel 3:

Close in on Mike, who is looking away from his binoculars.

Mike: I've figured out her one weakness. Daytime soap operas.

Panel 4:

Same as panel 2.

Katie: Take a break. I'll take over from here.

Panel 5:

Katie and Mike are now both watching through binoculars. Katie is eating popcorn.

Mike: I may have developed a new weakness myself.