The War Room

03/16/2014 07:26pm

Wooo, new name! More accurate, less morbid name!

Characters: Ada Drowning Cup Pete Rory
Transcript →

Panel 1:

Ada is entering The Lightning. There is a sign that reads "Breakfast Served Daily. Beer is a breakfast food, right?"

Panel 2:

Rory (looking cool in her sunglasses) is standing at a pool table with Pete and Drowning Cup.

Rory: Welcome aboard, Dead Ringer.

Ada: Thanks, but it's Splitting Image now.

Panel 3:

Closer shot of Drowning Cup, Rory, and Pete. Rory looks jazzed.

Rory: Did the new outfit arrive?

Drowning Cup: *Ahem*

Rory: Right, down to business.

Panel 4:

Small inset panel. Rory flips a little switch under the pool table.

SFX: tink!

Panel 5:

Rory is still kind of under the table.

Rory: Step into the war room.

Panel 6:

The pool table pulls apart to reveal a recessed area with a map underneath.

Ada: Oooh, I want one of these. How much are they?

Panel 7:

Ada is in the foreground, Rory, and Drowning Cup are in the background.

Rory: I don't know. Greg got a special deal on it from the guy who makes them. There's a lot of overlap between supervillains and Warhammer players.