This Counts as Unwinding for Them

09/01/2014 03:32am

Characters: Ada Brian
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Panel 1:

Brian has on a welding mask and has a screwdriver.

Ada (from offscreen): You're being careful, right?

Brian: As careful as I can be.

Panel 2:

Brian has flipped up the welding mask and is looking at Ada.

Brian: I've got to figure out how to defuse this thing if you're going to be wearing it later.

Panel 3:

Ada is sitting in a big egg chair.

Ada: Speaking of defusing, I'm amazed Split Second let us go. She does not like to back down from a fight.

Panel 4:

Same as panel 3.

Ada: I'm sorry to throw you into this nonsense by the way. This is my crazy gig, not yours.

Panel 5:

Ada has come over to Brian and has her hand on his shoulder.

Ada: In fact, let's take a break and I'll make drinks. It's been a dramatic day so far.

Panel 6:

Half height panel of Ada looking in their cupboard.

Ada: All we have is 151. I'm gonna run to the store. Don't tinker while I'm gone!

Panel 7:

Another half height panel. Brian is laying on the couch.

Brian: No problem!