Training Part 2

02/16/2014 06:53pm

Grenades are expensive, Ada

Characters: Ada Rory
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Panel 1:

A close up of Rory holding a grenade.

Rory: Your powers have some interesting applications, but most of this time this job is just about staying alive.

Panel 2:

Rory tosses the grenade to Ada.

Rory: That brings us to the explosives test.

Panel 3:

Ada is cradling the grenade, not exactly confident with it.

Rory (offscreen): Know how these things work?

Ada :More of less.

Panel 4:

Close up of Ada's hands, with one on the pin of the grenade

Rory (offscreen): Let's see if that's enough for your powers.

Panel 5:

Two splashes come from the water


Panel 6:

Ada looks pleased with herself. Rory slightly less so.

Rory: Next time, maybe copy the grenade when it still has the pin in it.

Panel 7:

Rory looks over at an empty folding table

Rory: Next time, maybe I should bring more than one grenade.