Training part one

02/09/2014 04:09pm

New Palisades has a lot of convenient out of the way locations like this

Characters: Ada Rory
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Panel 1:

Ada and Rory are standing in the distance on a sandy beach next to a body of water. A bright morning sun shines down on them.

Ada: Why do we have to start so early?

Rory: The fewer witnesses the better. Now quit whining and show me what your powers can do.

Panel 2:

A close up of Rory, looking fairly mischievous. She's holding a rubik's cube.

Rory: The first test is to have you copy a scrambled rubik's cube

Panel 3:

Rory twists the Rubik's cube

Panel 4:

Ada holds out her hand and concentrates

Panel 5:

A rubik's cube pops out of thin air above Ada's hand

sfx: bip

Panel 6:

Rory is holding both Rubik's cubes in her hands. They look identical. Ada is bent over close to them, scrutinizing them for differences

Rory: Well done. Now I want to see if you can copy it without being able to see its configuration

Panel 7:

Ada looks dubiously at Rory

Ada: I don't think I can do that.

Rory: Don't tell me what you can't do. Either do it or don't.

Panel 8:

Ada screws up her face in concentration.

Panel 9:

A solved rubik's cube materializes.

Panel 10:

Ada looks at the copied cube with dismay.

Panel 11:

Ada and Rory both smile as they hold identical solved rubik's cubes

Ada: Wow, I thought I'd screwed it up. I've never done that before!

Rory: Well I've never solved a rubik's cube before, so we're in new territory here!