Tree of Questionable Wisdom

01/07/2016 05:05pm

Gross, tree. No touchy during creeper requests.

Characters: Ada Chroma Tags: chroma villiany
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Panel 1:

The arms of the tree have grown out and become spiky and are surrounding Ada. Ada is flailing a little trying to get it to back off.

Ada: What the hell are you doing?

Panel 2:

The tree's branches have retracted somewhat. Ada is glaring at it.

Tree: The, uh, tree we're controlling has some kinks to work out.

Panel 3:

Ada is turned away from the tree. She's still kind of creeped out.

Tree: Anyway, we need blood samples from anyone you know with powers.

Panel 4:

Same as panel 3.

tree: Also, we need you to break into a medical facility and steal documents.

Panel 5:

The tree is tapping on Ada's shoulder to get her attention.

Tree: And lest you think this is a one way street...

Panel 6:

The tree has grown a flower on the end of the branch it was tapping Ada with.

Tree: Split Second has an outstanding warrant for theft and evading arrest. Do what you will with this information.