Tree of Wisdom

12/30/2015 07:35pm

Happy almost 2016!

Characters: Ada Chroma Tags: chroma
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Panel 1:

Ada is in front of the creepy tree. Shot is from behind her.

Tree: Ada, I understand why you are here.

Panel 2:

Shot of Ada from the front, her hands up in a mea culpa pose.

Ada: Yeah, I screwed up and lost the plans. Sorry.

Panel 3:

Same shot as panel 1.

Tree: I do not need your apologies. Please do not interrupt.

Panel 4:

Inset panel over a larger panel. Close in on the tree.

Tree: Commit what I tell you to memory. We will not discuss this again.

Panel 5:

A second inset panel over the larger panel. Ada is looking at the tree, slightly frightened but curious.

Ada: I can do that.

Panel 6:

Large, large panel. The tree's branches have grown an are stretching out to envelop Ada.

Tree: You must give us Mike's blood.