Vespas are totally threatening

09/22/2013 05:20pm

We went to Rose City Comic Con this weekend! Met the very lovely Katherine of while waiting in line for Kelly Sue DeConnick (WHO IS THE NICEST PERSON IN THE WORLD. IT SHOULDN’T BE POSSIBLE BUT IT IS.)

Also I have to say, if you’re at a PNW con and get the chance to see Ben Saunders, a prof at U of O do a talk, and you’re remotely a media nerd, do it! He always gives very interesting talks on characters, with well dug up panel examples and whatnot.

Characters: Ada Mysterious Vespa Driver 1 Mysterious Vespa Driver 2 Tags: chroma henchpersons
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Panel 1

Ada stands in front of a commercial high rise building, wearing her costume and peering around, slightly nervously

Caption: 3854 N. Waterfront Ave 8:14 PM September 12th

Ada: I think this is the right place, but no one is here. Who’s even supposed to be here?

Panel 2

A scooter courier pedals up to Ada and hands her a transparent cube of about a foot in each dimension. Inside is a letter

Caption: 3854 N. Waterfront Ave 8:15 PM September 12th

Courier: Ms. Dead Ringer. Package for you

Ada: Um, thanks

Panel 3

The courier rides off. Ada holds the cube in front of her, puzzling at it

Panel 4

Ada figures out what they want her to do and *bips* the letter into existence on top of the cube

Panel 5

Ada is reading the letter. Panel is full width of the page to give room for wall of text

Caption: We're pleased to see that you have ingenuity in addition to your special talents. For this task you'll need both. AbiliCorp is developing an unpleasant technology that will make life very difficult for people like us. We've attached a picture of the device as well as blueprints of their building. Obtain it without raising suspicion and deliver it back here in 48 hours. We'll take the cube back now.

Panel 6

Ada looks up from the letter and is surprised to find a different scooter courier already riding off with the cube


Panel 7

Ada is holding up multiple pages to look at the blueprints as well as the letter

Caption: Oh, and please bring your banking info so that we can set up a direct deposit account.