12/08/2013 12:01am

More friendly than a Chick Tract.

Characters: Ada
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Panel 1:

Ada, dressed in a sharp pantsuit, looks at something on her desk.

Ada (thought bubble):What's this?

Panel 2:

A magazine called "powered living". Article titles include "Superpowered? Five things you're doing wrong", "10 Best Training Tips" and "Celebrity Superheroes! They're Just Like Us!" The first article is circled and a note, "Hey Ada" is written pointing to it

Panel 3:

Ada is reading the magazine suspiciously

Overlay: 1) Know your powers inside and out

Panel 4:

Ada is reading the panel looking a little more concerned.

Overlay: 2) Cover your face, keep your loved ones safe

Panel 5:

Ada is reading it very skeptically

Overlay: 5) Be good stewards to non-powered people. God made them who they are.

Panel 6:

Ada looks up from the magazine.

Ada: Boy that last tip was really preachy...Oh, written by Power Pastor. That makes sense.