We all have that one show

02/23/2014 05:16pm

Characters: Ada Brian
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Panel 1:

Ada walks into Brian's apartment.

Brian (from inside): Hey Ada, how was your thing with Rory?

Panel 2:

Ada stands next to Brian, who is seated at a work bench covered in electrical equipment

Ada: Pretty good. We're going over plans next weekend. What are you working on?

Panel 3:

A blueprint labeled "smoke bomb"

Brian (voice over): I made a custom smoke bomb for you to copy

Panel 4:

Brian hands a smoke bomb to Ada

Brian: You can use the TV remote to trigger one at a time.

Panel 5:

Brian looks at the TV remote.

Brian :Don't worry, the remote still works on the TV. It's universal after all.

Panel 6:

Ada examines the smoke bomb.

Ada: If the remote works, why is the TV playing "dog swap" right now

Brian: Don't judge me.