You Again!

08/18/2014 04:50am

Characters: Ada Brian Split Second The Roboticist
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Panel 1:

Split Second is walking outside of a shop on Reggie's DIY shop's street.


Panel 2:

Ada and Reggie are walking out of Reggie's back room.

Ada: I am so so sorry. I had no idea it could even do that!

Reggie: Eh, it's not the worst explosion I've ever been in.

Panel 3:

Split Second is walking towards the shop.

Panel 4:

Reggie is looking at his busted arm.

Reggie: Unfortunately I'm out of commission for a while. If you want I could loan you some things to help you out.

Panel 5:

Ada and Brian are leaving Reggie's shop. Split Second is ominously in the foreground.

Split Second: Is that...?

Panel 6:

Shot from behind Ada and Brian looking at Split Second. There is a double tailed speech balloon

Ada / Split Second: You again!